Experiencing conflict because of a disagreement or differences in working styles is normal and can even inspire healthy dialogue, problem-solving, and understanding.

However, if conflict turns into workplace bullying or abuse, you have a problem. 

Workplace bullies can quickly ravage a team’s well-being and create a toxic work environment that makes it impossible for teammates to thrive. While a healthy dose of conflict can challenge a team to grow, no one benefits from being the target of bullying or abuse. 

Bullies can also be tricky to spot. What’s the difference between healthy conflict and abusive conduct? Where do you draw the line? And more importantly, what should managers do if they suspect abusive behaviors on their team? In this micro course, you’ll learn the answers to these questions, including what workplace bullying is, signs to look for, and steps to take if you find out that an employee is bullying others on your team.

Course Author: Amplified Training Solutions