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Sexual Harassment Prevention training of varying degrees is now mandated in almost half of the United States. This program is designed to meet most state mandate regulations* for employer compliance.

Learners will learn how to recognize sexual harassment in the workplace, stop or prevent it from escalating and how to effectively report such conduct. This course will also cover retaliation and remedies available for employees if they are subject to illegal sexual harassment at work.

The Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Course is divided into five chapters with a short video and quiz covering content and a final exam that will culminate in a certificate the learner can download. Employers who purchase this program will have access to these certificates, as well as their employees’ progress, in order to prove compliance with state and local laws.

*Please note, this course does not currently meet compliance standards for California, Connecticut, or the City of Chicago and, while every effort has been made to meet other state mandates, compliance with legal regulations is not guaranteed. You should check with legal counsel to confirm compliance. In addition, some states require employers to provide this training in the employee’s native language. In those cases, we recommend employers reach out to the state to secure compliant training resources for those employees.